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Celebrate Occupational Therapy!

Each year in April, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students in practice, education, research, and science host a month-long celebration showcasing the importance of Occupational Therapy. It's the time of year when everyone in the profession goes out of their way to tell the world about what we do.

AOTA encourages full participation in OT Month, and has made a number of tools available to make your organizing efforts a little April, and all year!

For the Public
What is occupational therapy? How does it apply to me? Who in my family can benefit from occupational therapy services? What health care tips can occupational therapy practitioners give me, to better address my concerns?
A consumer's guide to occupational therapy...

For Our Partners and Contributors
How can my company help raise awareness of occupational therapy and gain valuable visibility for our corporate brand? What new projects are on the horizon for The Fund, and how can my organization lend support? I'm an individual who cares deeply about educating the public about the benefits of occupational therapy. How can I make a tax-deductible donation to The Fund?
A guide to corporate partnerships and giving...

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